2nd October 2009: Beddgelert circular    Web page by Bryan Benn

Start: Beddgelert

Highest Point: Mynydd Sygun 300m

Distance: circa 11 km

Weather: Low cloud and hill fog, rain

Vertical altitude gain: circa 450m

Time: 3 hrs 40 mins


I'd come to Beddgelert for more walking in the Snowdonian mountains. I'd planned to coincide with the visit of the Irish Folk Band, "Shandy Folk", who were to play the Prince Llewellyn pub on the evening of October 1st . And as they had done when I had met them earlier in the year, they spent the afternoon in the Bistro at Beddgelert. So I checked into my room in the Bistro and joined the three band members and locals who called in from time to time for a pleasant afternoon. And an even better evening! I had hoped to have just one beer and leave the pub at 23.00, so as to be fit for my walk the next morning. Oh well. The beer was good, the company great and the entertainment from "Shandy Folk" superb. So it was well gone midnight before I got to sleep.

A normal time start on the 2nd October got me my usual lovely cooked breakfast before setting out on a planned short walk for the day. Through the village and straight onto the steep route up to Mynydd Sygyn. A route rocky in places that needs a steadying hand now and then, that I have walked a good few times now: usually as my warm up walk on arrival, so nothing new today. Once on the top I headed to Bwlch-y-Sygyn at the NE end of Cwm Bycan, and and then the descent that drops down through Grib Ddu to the SW end of Llyn Dinas. With just a pleasant riverside walk back to Beddgelert. Photo: Judy Armstrong