27 Dec 2009: Croesor - Moelwyn Bach

Start/Finish: Croesor

Highest point: Moelwyn Bach 710m

Distance: circa 9 kms

Weather: cold, snow, sev wind high up

Vertical altitude gain: 620m

Time: 4hrs 50 mins

Photo of Moelwyn Mawr and Moelwyn Bach from near Croesor
Another walk from Croesor, this time to Moelwyn Bach, to the right of Moelwyn Mawr above.

Photo of snowy track up Moelwyn Bach
Before long the route up was into snowy conditions.

Photo of ice on track to Moelwyn Bach
Not just snow, but part frozen mountain streams as well.

Photo of  view from summit of Moelwyn Bach
View from a very cold and windswept summit of Moelwyn Bach.

Photo of summit area of Moelwyn Bach
Summit area of Moelwyn Bach.

Photo of view from summit of Moelwyn Bach
Despite the low cloud and high wind there were still some good views from the summit.

Photo of view from summit of Moelwyn Bach

Photo of view from summit of Moelwyn Bach

Photo of high wind blowing snow on summit of Moelwyn Bach
High wind and a low temperature on the summit was a problem. And it got a lot worse descending past a
wind acceleration zone where even standing up become very hard!

Photo of Moel Hebog and partly obscured Nantlle Ridge  from track down Moelwyn Bach
Lower down the wind was less, allowing the chance to photo Moel Hebog and the part obscured Nantlle Ridge.

Photo of rainbow in front of Moelwyn Mawr
Near Croesor and a snow shower partly obscures Moelwyn Mawr, giving a lovely rainbow in the low sunshine.