24 Dec 2009: Beddgelert Circular via Mynydd Sygyn

Start/Finish: Beddgelert

Highest point: Summit of Mynydd Sygyn 300m

Distance: circa 8 kms

Weather: Cold, dull, snow on ground

Vertical altitude gain: 320m

Time: 4 hrs 10 mins

Photo of Mynydd Sygyn from Beddgelert
My first day of my second Christmas/New Year walking trip to Snowdonia. And as usual my warm up walk is from Beddgelert, where I stay, up to Mynydd Sygyn

Photo of track up from Beddgelert to Mynydd Sygyn
I'd been very unwell for a few weeks, so took it slowly on the snowy and icy rocks of the steep climb.

Photo of Beddgelert from Mynydd Sygyn
Beddgelert below me on a raw winter's day.

Photo of track up to Mynydd Sygyn

Photo of track up to Mynydd Sygyn

Photo of Moelwyns from Mynydd Sygyn
I count this hill as being in the Moelwyns, (others do as well), and I was to do all my walking of this
trip in these lovely mountains and hills.

Photo of Beddgelert and Nantlle Ridge from Mynydd Sygyn
A last glimpse of Beddgelert with the Nantlle ridge on the skyline.

Photo of Moelwyns from near Mynydd Sygyn
Peace and quiet heading NE along the top after Mynydd Sygyn.

Photo of track into Moelwyns from Mynydd Sygyn

Photo of track down to Sygun Copper mine
On the descent to the old Copper mine at Sygun.

Photo of Beddgelert from river valley
Back along the riverside to Beddgelert.