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Surrey Hills and Kent sunset walks: UK, February 2008

icon2 Feb 2008Ranmore Common - Leith Tower - Ranmore Common
icon10 Feb 2008Holmwood Common - Leith Tower - Holmbury Hill - Holmwood Common
icon16-18 Feb 2008Local Kent Walks with Sunsets

Key to Route Descriptions

Explanation of how the details within each hike's text table are arrived at.

Start and Finish   The locations from where the hike started and ended. The altitudes from the appropriate contour line or printed height from Ordnance Survey Explorer Map, (1:25000) No. 146, Dorking, Box Hill & Reigate.

Round distance in kms   A very broad estimate of total distance walked including any "excursions". Even using the 1:25000 maps. Frequent zig zags, height gains and undulations are the main problems in getting full accuracy here.

Vertical altitude gain   Not the height difference between starting and highest points, but an estimate from the detailed maps of the total metres ascended including all significant undulations and "excursions" off the route.

Total time from start to finish   Time from start point to finish point. My ascent rate is still slow, but getting above 300 metres per hour now, (Summer 2006), so many other people would complete the hikes quicker. I often have no stop lasting longer than a few minutes, but picnic stops and visits to huttes will be mentioned in the text.

Weather   A broad description of the weather conditions during the hike. Temperatures from the nearest weather recording site that I can find or from local TV reports.

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