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Derbyshire Dales

Winter Walks From Bakewell December 2010
Lathkill Dale 12 Feb 2010
Hartington Circular 21 Sept 2009
Bakewell and Monsal Trail 9 Feb 2009
Chatsworth Fantasy Circular Walk 23 October 2008
Monk's Dale and Chee Dale 22 October 2008
Monsal Dale 13 October 2008
Six Dales from Millers Dale 6 October 2008
Lathkill Dale 3 October 2008

Peak District

Kinder circular via Crowden Clough 11 Feb 2010
Kinder circular via Grindsbrook Clough 10 Feb 2010
Offerton Moor & Bretton Clough 28 Jan 2010
Winhill Circular 27 Jan 2010
Chrome and Parkhurst Hills 28 Oct 2009
Stanage Edge circular 22 Sept 2009
Peak District in Winter 10 Feb 2009
Winhill Circular 18 Dec 2008
Curbar Edge Circular 12 Nov2008
Derwent Edge 19 Sept2008
Man Tor 18 Sept 2008
Kinder Scout 17 Sept 2008

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